How to Start

A formal written Letter of Agreement is executed with all clients. This Letter of Agreement will include defining objectives for doing researching, tutoring, presentations or workshops. Objectives for research will include goals of the client, a request for all prior research that pertains to the goals, and rates. The request for the prior research is avoid duplicating any past research that is related to the specific goal, to identify weaknesses, omissions, and inaccuracies that might exist. Omission of research could lengthen the project time and rates.

A $500 retainer is required to be paid in advance before the project begins. Personal checks are accepted, please note that any check that is NSF, client will be charged an additional $35 to cover the NSF charges incurred. Payments can also be made by a secure online site through PayPal. This retainer includes the initial 10 hours of review, evaluation of the prior research material, a summary of the evaluation of the prior researching in a written client report, and a research plan. All research will be documented and provided to the client through a research log.

  • Please understand that I cannot guarantee what information, if any, may be found. Conclusions are based on weight of available documented evidence. Absolute proof of genealogical relationships and documents are not always possible.

  • The signed agreement, prior research, and retainer must be received before the project begins.

  • Additional research beyond the initial agreed-upon 10 hours is billed at $50/hour, with no minimum numbers of hours, which must be paid for in advance.

  • Additional expenses incurred including travel to archives, parking, copying, etc. will not be incurred without prior approval from the client and upon approval will be billed weekly.

  • All reports and documents will be sent to clients electronically. If snail mail is preferred, additional charges will apply for printing, travel, postage and time.


Please email me if you have additional questions.



Joyce has been an active genealogist since 1985, developing a specialization in Native American genealogy. She has traced and documented her own ancestry to 485 AD - and beyond!

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Joyce has led workshops on:

[1] starting your own genealogy,
[2] how to research and verify documents,
[3] document preservation,
[4] writing family histories, pedigrees and group sheets.

Her rate is $50 per hour, paid in advance, plus applicable travel and lodging expenses.

She is also involved in the growing field of DNA Genealogy.

Her Ladyship Joyce Rheal,
Viscountess Presley-Stewart


Stewart of Appin

Bresslar of Rheinpfaltz,
anglicized to "Presley" in America