Opportunity and Healthy Products

How would you feel if you helped millions of pets increase their healthspans – living not just longer, but healthier lives and you earn income while doing it? 

Millions of Pets Need Your Help to Put Them Ahead of Company Profits.  We pet parents across the country are seeking natural alternatives for their pets.  

We pet parents are sick and tired of watching the pet food makers recall their products. We are tired of having unhealthy pets while pet food makers make profit on pet foods that are being recalled. You can make a difference while earning monthly, residual income to promoting holistic formulated pet food, treats, supplements, and other products.

Join the Pet Movement!  Better Products For Pets!

Life’s Abundance puts pets over profits

1. Check Out Company. Life’s Abundance mission was born out of a belief that both people and pets deserve healthier, more effective products to help them lead more fulfilling and abundant lives. We have a firm commitment to provide safe and effective products that satisfy this principle so we cultivate long-term relationships with our suppliers to ensure we obtain the highest quality ingredients with good prices.

2. Check Out The People. Life’s Abundance is a privately held business. Distributors like me are people who are passionate about helping animals.  Our team of distributors includes groomers, dog trainers, breeders, and other pet professionals who expand their business with our high quality holistic products.

3. Contact Gail Venegas. To talk with her about how you can start earning additional income by helping dogs and cats.  Once you’re approved and registered, you immediately get a website, access online training and ecommerce content.  You are an independent seller, but you have the power of a big brand behind you.  You work in your own businesses, but never alone.

The Truth About Pet Food. This video tells people why the big box business model of selling pet food is harmful to your pets and shows how our business model of shipping fresh food directly to your home is a fantastic improvement. You’re protected by our money back guarantee.

Order the Food. Try the dog food, cat food, treats, or supplements and see for yourself how skin and coat issues clear up and your pets get healthier.

Compare the nutritional value and cost of the pet food you’re using now by clicking here.

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