How To Avoid Wasp And Bee Stings

The wasp and bees are becoming more active as they are looking for more food and a place to settle before winter moves in.

Bees in fake flowerOld school belief system of dealing with wasp that are bugging someone is to trash or swat at them. I have learned from stinging experience and then severe allergic reaction that this is usually a very bad approach. If this approach is done to Africanized Bees, pray to God for a quick death because what they will do in a group stinging event that will be very painful, if kill their victim.

If I can deal with the wasp or the bees without hurting them, I will. My belief system means that I don’t thrash or swat at them period. If they land on me they usually fly off within a few moments without stinging if left alone. I will walk away from anyone thrashing or swatting at them, especially when they have been asked to stop. I don’t do anything at all to agitate them into stinging me or anyone near me. My own and my pet’s health does come first, as well as my client’s pet health.

If I am faced with a wasp or a bee, I don’t challenge it – I just  the leave area (e.g. car, kitchen, picnic area) until it has gone and I do not run or thrash or swat. I also teach my dogs not to bite at bees, it really isn’t good for them.  They do have a way of telling you that you are too close to them, learn how they communicate to you that you are to close.