Holiday Pet Safety

Trojan with bow Crop

Gitli with bow

The Holidays are upon us and these events can be rather hectic for our pets.  We need to stay alert to possible dangers to them.  These threats can be things like consuming an excessive amount of rich and harmful foods, inappropriate or even toxic items which can be the seasonal decorations, ornamental lighting and plants.

While having fun with family and friends, don’t forget your companion animals and have  fun with and protect them during the holidays festivals.

“Watch this month’s yuletide episode of Pet Talk and find out what holiday trimmings are on the nice list and which ones are on the naughty. Your heightened awareness could help prevent everything from unintentional fire hazards to unwanted ingestion of plants that are safe for humans but poisonous to pets. Simply by following these helpful guidelines, your pet kid could avoid gastric upset and serious injury.”

Please watch the video of Dr. Sarah, you can advice you on how to make sure your pet’s holidays are safe as well as jolly.

Merry Christmas and have a Safe and Happy Holiday!

Understanding The Dangers Of Using Toxins Around Pets

Gig in is younger years

As I am contemplating the words to use in informing pet owners about toxins effecting cats and dogs, I am thinking of my golden retriever, Gig.  In 2000 he came through is initial pet checkup with no problems.  A week later he stopped breathing and my pet CPR training brought him back.  I took him to Vet ER Clinic and they diagnosed him with lung cancer.  It was an advanced cancer, which means it was there when the primary vet did his yearly exam.


Gig only had a few more weeks to live and to be humane I put him to sleep after coming home from work and smelling that death smell starting to come from him.  I am tears writing this portion and to this day, I still miss him so much.

If I had known then what I know now, I would have fought with my now ex and his insistence in using so much toxins to maintain the yard.  There is a lot of substances that we use in our yards from compost pile to fertilizers, and other various poisons we use that can cause serious problem if ingested, breathed in, and even absorbed by our pets.  I found out years later that the use of frequent fertilizers can cause lung cancer because they breath in that substance.

Even the frequent use of spraying in a house or around a house for bugs can be deadly to pets.  I recently found this out.  A family member started having bug problems after a flood so she paid for bug spraying to get control of them.  A few months later the bugs came back and she paid for spraying again.  A few months later she had the bugs back and found out that it was the whole block being invaded.  She was forced to have her home sprayed for a third time within a few months.  All spraying was done by the same company.  The company told her to wait two hours before bringing the pets back in, she waited three hours and cleaned only the flooring that the dogs would be on.  Within a few days of being back into the house, they all had respiratory problems.  About a week ago she took one of them back because it was having problems and the vet told her that the liver was responding to poison, it died a few nights ago.  Her landlady who is not a trained vet has been mentally abusing her by telling her that the dog died from being overweight and contradicting the trained medical advice of a vet.

It is illegal in the US to be giving medical advice to anyone or to anyone’s pets, if the person giving the advice is not trained or licensed and this includes the new age and the holistic peopleAs well there are some things that should or should never be said to someone who has lost a loved one, even if it has fur.

After doing some research on professional bug spray, I find that the recommended spraying guidelines states to not spray more than twice a year or every six months that doing so could be hazardous to pets health.  This relative had sprayed three times within a six month period.

The Pet Poison Helpline has a lot of good information.  I am reading a nice article now on Things In Your Yard That Are Poisonous To Dogs And Cats.

Before using toxins in our homes and on our pets, do some research and learn about the products first.

I am not trained medical professional and I do not give medical advice so if your pet is sick please take them to a trained medical professional.