Should I dress my pet for Halloween?

talk2theanimals_ver2_300px“Our animal pals can experience being dressed in costume quite differently from how we humans experience it. Your buddy is dressed in an odd, usually constraining outfit, with different feelings, different smells, different everything about it. We humans act differently both as we’re dressing our buddy in costume, and afterwards, when s/he is in the costume.



This whole experience can range from very confusing to even terrifying for your animal buddy. “Click her to read more “does my animal palwant to dress up for Halloween.”

Pets and Poison


Protecting our pets from being poisoned can be tricky.

“We animal care givers can find it difficult to even *think* about our beloved companions accidentally getting into poisonous or toxic substances.  However, should this happen, here is a listing of the information the medical care giver will be asking you.”