Why is Being Prepared For A Disaster Important?

Trojan inspection


“Modern-day preppers face a much bigger adversary – Mother Nature. With brutal winters, tornadic springs, fiery summers and a hurricane season that lasts for months, calamity seems ubiquitous in the news.


Before adversity strikes in your neighborhood, watch this episode of Pet Talk where Dr. Sarah offers her insights for how to avoid pandemonium in the wake of turmoil. Take this opportunity now to learn how to get your house in order, with helpful tips from our good doctor.”  Click here to learn more.


How Do YOU Talk2theAnimals?




“Animal communication is as easy as pie, as easy as falling off the turnip truck, as easy as me tripping over that big pile of nothingness in the middle of the kitchen floor.




The problem is, we’ve been enculturated to believe ‘animals don’t talk’, ‘you’ve got to see it to believe it’, ‘they’re ONLY dumb animals’. Instead of experiencing something that is perfectly natural and innate to our human design, we deny it, we hide it, we ignore it. We humans tend to believe what our culture tells us to believe rather than what we experience for ourselves, with our own senses.”

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New Strain Of Tougher Heart-worms In The Mississippi River Valley Region

Trojan and Gitli with toys“Heartworms are a leading cause of death in dogs and cats in the US. Heartworm disease is transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes. For the past few years, veterinary researchers have been tracking a particularly tough strain of heartworms in the mosquito heaven known as the Mississippi River Valley region.


Dogs in this region have been reported to develop heart-worm infection despite using preventives.” Drug-Resistant “Super Heartworms” Force Change in Treatment by Dr. Ernie Ward, DVM  Posted July 31, 2013 at Pet Health Network.  A new strain of super heartworms are evolving and are increasingly resistant to the most common heartworm preventive drugs – “macrocyclic lactones (ML), which includes all of the major active ingredients of heartworm preventives like ivermectin, selamectin, milbemycin oxime and moxidectin.”  To learn more click here.