Steps to Reducing Dog Aggression

Trojan and Gitli with toysDog aggression is a common and serious behavioral problem in domestic dogs.  The trauma to the human victim is both mental and physical.  When big dogs bite it can result in serious injuries to the victim.  When little dogs show aggression or bite my experience is that folks laugh and think the little dog’s aggression is humorous. But it isn’t humorous to be bitten by any dog regardless of their size.

The human victim isn’t the only one who suffers when a dog bites.  Big dogs that bite can be euthanized.  The news broadcast are usually very negative holding the dog responsible for the bite.  Community government also bans or regulates certain breeds of dogs even though specific dogs have never bitten.

Dog bites can be easily prevented by understanding dog behavior and through dog training.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  All dogs can potentially bite.  Dog parents needs to make every effort they can to prevent their dog from developing an aggressive behavior and from biting.

Dogs will bite for any number of reasons and it only takes one bite that can label a dog aggressive.  Chicago Dog Coach Ami Moore suggests Three Easy Steps to Reducing Dog Aggression.

Joyce Rheal is based in Southern Illinois and is a nationally certified pet care consultant, trainer, and the author of Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies and Disasters.