First responders train to save pets from disaster

Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies and Disasters As pet owners are we properly prepared?

Do we know how to assist our pets in cases of emergencies or disasters?

As a pet owner, a pet advocate and educator  I strongly believe that responsible pet owners must know the basics along with the first responders.

We need to know dog and cat CPR and first aid.  The First responders will do the best they can in assisting our pets but ultimately it is our responsibility.

First responders train to save pets from disaster: This is a video of a group of Colorado Springs Firefighters, with the help of some friendly dogs, who got a first hand look at how to care for animals in an emergency situation.

If we know the basics and are able to care for our own not only does that free up the first responders to help others we need it,  we can be of service to others in their time of need.

Along with that I have written a book that will assist in preparing our pets for emergencies, this book is more about the how to then it is explaining the different events that can affect us.

To receive this book by PDF please click here:  Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies and Disasters.   I will personally send you the download link immediately upon receiving notice of payment.

This book is also available through Kindle:  Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies and Disasters .  Purchasing through Kindle will allow immediate downloading.

The American Red Cross offers dog and cat CPR and first aid, there are other organizations as well who offer the same type of training.  Let us be responsible pet owners and obtain the training we need to care for our pets.

Joyce Rheal is Emergency Planning Committee chairwoman of the National Association Professional Pet Sitters and with Pets-life. Joyce is also a federally certified for FEMA’s “Animals in Disasters” program, and a certified pet care consultant based in Southern Illinois.