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Hi! I'm Joyce Rheal, founder of Cedar Breeze Holistic Pet Care. I deal with the whole aspect of the animal - including training, care, pet sitting, pet transportation, preparing pets for emergencies and disasters, and holistically formulated pet products. Our first priority is the health and well-being of your pet: your beloved animal companions.

I had my first pet when I was six; a white beagle named Shorty. My family recognized and encouraged the unique talent of communicating with animals which lead my unique and deep connection to animals. Since then my life and her home as been filled with animals ranging from the wild to domestic to farm animals. Dogs in my home ranged from beagles, border collies, German Shepherds, golden retrievers, huskies, Carolina Dog, Labrador, and various mixes.

My experience includes six years of animals rescue with the Wetzel County Animal Rescue in New Martinsville, WV. I was actively involved with a no-kill animal rescue organization including animal rescue, canine training, and cat and canine adoptions. This started 30 plus years as a dog handler and trainer and I continued with canine handling and for two years became part of a wolf rescue organization as a volunteer in caring for wolves that have been in domestic settings that needed a safe place when their domestic homes did not work out. I continue to be active in wolf/wildlife education and preservation. I was active with Paw Above Pet Sitting Services in Colorado Springs,Colorado, and Paw Pal Pet Sitting in Carterville, Illinois. I am a Nationally Certified Pet Care Consultant including Caring for Senior Dogs based in Southern Illinois. I have completed the FEMA Animals in Disasters certification, and I am the author of Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies and Disasters and Disaster Plans, for sale in paperback, Kindle, and in a PDF format.

It is my mission, a lifestyle commitment, and my philosophy is to provide a holistic approach to pet care that is completely Force-Free - no choke, no shock, no pain, no fear, no physical force, no physical molding, no compulsion based methods will be use to train or care for any pet.

I seriously push for educating the community and pet owners on the use of holistic force-free training and pet care. I'm also active with Southern Illinois Against Breed Specific Laws, and believe in addressing the behavior over the specific breed of the dog.

  • Former "Animal Cop" and rescuer (domestic, wild, medical triage), wildlife educator, canine training and adoptions.
  • Wolf rescuer and caretaker, provided classes on wolf conservation.
  • Certified trainer for "Good Canine Citizen Test" administered through American Kennel Club.
  • Certified search and rescue dog trainer.

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